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    At Blossom Child Care Centers we believe that children learn through play and experience. Play and experience should be fun, meaningful, and educational. Toward that goal we have developed, after many years of experience, and after consulting with other experts in the area of early childhood education, a program that provides for academic preparation, social interaction, living skills, and large and small muscle development. These are all presented in a positive, child-initiated environment. Our program is designed to include and enhance family living. Programs are structured for the ease of our caregivers. However, we believe that each of our caregivers have their own rich background of experiences and abilities. We constantly encourage them to choose items that will enhance the needs of their individual class and further the developmental level of the children within their care.

    All classes have a posted schedule and family members are encouraged to participate in activities whenever possible.

    You will soon discover our program generates a certain amount of tangible “LOOK WHAT I HAVE DONE TODAY” material. However, Developmentally Appropriate Practice encourages learning through play. There will be times when your child does not have “take home” work. We encourage you to take time to discuss the day’s events and accomplishments with your child and with your child’s caregiver.


    All Blossom Child Care Centers offer care for infants from age eight months and older. The infant program is designed to provide a safe, nurtured environment that will stimulate development. Parents are to provide formula, diapers, baby wipes, and infant food. We ask that nursing mothers please coordinate with the Director and caregivers.


    The toddler program at Blossom Child Care Centers is designed to enhance and promote the social and physical development of this age group. This is based on a child’s need to experience new challenges and explore. Parents are to provide diapers. Our caregivers will help and coordinate with you when you decide it is time to potty train.


    The preschool program at Blossom Child Care Centers is among the finest available. It is designed and prepared by our staff to promote the mental and physical preparedness of each child. The program promotes living skills, safety skills, and learning skills. These are all presented in a positive manner designed to prepare the preschooler for entry into the public schools environment ready to learn.


    Blossom Child Care Centers serve many public schools with our own bus service to and from school. Please check with the Director of your facility to find out which schools and what locations. The school age program is designed to provide a safe secure and healthy environment in which school age children can interact with others their own age. They also have fun while parents are satisfied they are safe and supervised. A summer camp is also provided when school in not in session.

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    Blossom Child Care Centers, Inc. is dedicated to the well being of the child, committed to providing a safe, loving, and stimulating environment that promotes educational, emotional, and social development, regardless of learning disabilities, physical handicaps, or other differences or abilities.
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